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Khmer-Buddhist Educational Assistance Project (KEAP)


Welcome! KEAP  is an international "friends of Buddhism in Cambodia" humanitarian organization assisting with education and learning needs of Cambodian monks, nuns, and laypersons. We are devoted to harnessing the wheel of the Dharma to create a culture of peace, reconciliation, and people-centered development in Cambodia.

KEAP was founded in 1988 to address the challenges of Buddhist renewal following decades of war and social upheaval, including the near-destruction of Buddhism and all forms of religious and spiritual life in the country.

We initially worked with the Buddhist wats (temple-monasteries) in the Khmer refugee camps along the Thai-Cambodian border that were established in the early 1980s by our honorary founding patron, the late Ven. Maha Ghosananda. Among other activities, we organized "Buddhism and community development" training workshops for the displaced Khmer in preparation for their repatriation and carried this rehabiliation work to provinces in northwestern Cambodia at the time of the 1992-93 repatriation. Part of our work then included donating more than 16,000 of Dharma texts and audio-visual materials in Khmer to wats, educational organizations, and individuals in many parts of the country.

KEAP serves as a bridge between Buddhist and non-Buddhist donors abroad and selected local Buddhist educational initiatives in the country.

Please explore this website to learn more about Cambodia, its beautiful people and their Khmer-Buddhist culture -- and how you can become involved in helping with the long-term process of recovery from the Asian holocaust that occurred there!


Assembly of Buddhist Monks

                           At Wat Sampeau Meas with Ven. Maha Ghosananda in Phnom Penh at the time he won the Niwano Peace Prize in 1998






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